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About Us

The Faces Behind Siege Engine Games

What started out as a small project between classmates has blossomed into a new and upcoming Gaming Studio.


After succeeding in the 2018 IdeaLabs competition with their flagship game, Eternal Kingdoms, Co-Founders Bretton Hibler and Alexander Mace decided to pursue the gaming industry. 

This company strives to make unique and innovative games that players will not want to put away. Check us out and immerse yourself into the worlds of many possibilities!

Meet the Team

Who's on our team? The best and brightest of course! And what’s even better?  Each day, we come to work to play games and make games. We believe in innovation and take pride in our promise to bring the next best game to the market. You’re invited to meet our fantastic team and we hope you will love what we’ve got in store for you. Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have.

Bretton Hibler

As CEO and Co-Founder, Bretton has a passion for gaming and innovating new ideas. He strives to achieve what's never been done before by pushing the limits of what a game can be.  Bretton's desire to increase the Presence of Game Studios in the Cleveland Area was a major push in forming Siege Engine Games.

Bretton challenges Alex Davis that one can NEVER have too many internet tabs open at one time, and that mini-vans are indeed cool

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Alexander Mace

COO and Co-Founder, Alexander was the mastermind of the first version of what would later on be called Eternal Kingdoms. Through his creativity and vision, Eternal Kingdoms and the company was born. Alexander currently juggles being a soon-to-wed pet dad, working in Database Management as well as contributing to Siege Engine Games.

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Alex Davis

Alex joined the Development Team bringing along his love for Video Games and creativity. He is a proud cat dad of two crazy miscreants and continues to broaden his horizons through the creation of Eternal Kingdoms. Alex has been with the company since near the beginning  and continues to show his dedication through his humor and reminders to take meme breaks.



He would also like to take a moment to reflect on the ridiculous number of internet tabs open on Brett's computer at one time 

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Rob H.

Rob strives through his commitments with an adventurous spirit of always looking for something fun to do. He specializes in anything unique that catches his eye and has been with the company from almost the beginning. Starting off as a play-tester turned Development Team Member, Rob has dedicated much time and hard-work towards the creation of Eternal Kingdoms.

Maddi Ambrosio

Maddi has contributed to the Development Team with her love of art, design and organization. Growing up, Board Games were a huge part of her family and she continues to carry the love for them throughout her adult life. Eternal Kingdoms has allowed her to explore further into the world of creativity and belong to a great team of fellow game-lovers.

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Alex Jasko

Recently joining the Development Team, Alex splits his time between working on Eternal Kingdoms and studying physics and astronomy at college. As an avid strategy game and video game enthusiast, he continually looks for ways to challenge the players. Alex enjoys puzzles and problem solving as well as competitive bike riding. 

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