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Siege Engine Blog 1.0 The Pilot Episode

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Hello all you interested readers out there, and welcome to our first blog post! My name is Al and I’ll be your guide through the ins, outs, ups and downs here at SEG. We may even help Brett close some of 50 tabs open on his computer (more on that later).

For those of you who have been following Eternal Kingdoms over the past few years, you know we’ve been hard at work crafting a unique 3X strategy experience for the tabletop gamer. But for those of you new to our project, let me catch you up on some of the cliff’s notes.

Eternal Kingdoms began life five years ago as the brainchild of a couple of LCCC (Lorain County Community College) students, Brett Hibler and Alex Mace, in their Intro to Game Design course.

The game gradually evolved from a chess-based battle system to our current campaign map and battle board mechanics—almost functioning as two-games-in-one.

Some key design goals were to allow players to build armies with a variety of units, to be able to upgrade those units, and then command them on the field of battle. We sought to maximize re-playability with a modular campaign map so that no two games would be the same and added multiple layers of customizations to give players ultimate control over the fate of their empires. Lastly, an open diplomacy mechanic provided a dash of political intrigue to bring it all together.

In future posts, we’ll dive deeper into the development of Eternal Kingdoms, plus we’ll meet the team that made the game a reality. So, until we meet again…



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